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The Post Atomic Horror episode guide, volume 1

Image of The Post Atomic Horror episode guide, volume 1


Summarizing (and in many cases revisiting) the first 50 or so episodes of the Post Atomic Horror podcast, this volume serves as a handy episode guide to the entirety of Kirk/Spock-era Star Trek, from the original pilot through all 79 episodes of the original series. It also includes the animated series, all six movies and the 2009 JJ Abrams reboot.

Each episode or movie is encapsulated as a whole, then considered individually by AAl and Matt and finally given a bottom-line "should you watch it?" judgment by them both.

This is all-new material; not the same jokes you heard on the Post Atomic Horror podcast. AAl & Matt went back through their notes and wrote entirely new reviews for each entry here.

Also includes guest commentary from regular PAH contributors Mark "Bob" Boszko, "Irish" Gav Brown, Brian Lynch and Kevin "Flonk" Lynch.

47 pages, B&W (mostly text).

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